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The Nègrepelisse’s treatment station is regularly mentioned in technical publications and receives visitors for France and abroad, interested by its capacity, one of the biggest of the French constructed wetland treatment set with two vertical levels, and its’ particularities regarding the conception, the implantation, the exploitation.



Logotypes of the town of Tamatave and Practica

Town of Tamatave / Madagascar Practica - 2014.06

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Logo de la revue Adour-GaronneAdour-Garonne 2010.10 - Nègrepelisse : épuration par grands filtres plantés de roseaux

The October 2010 issue of the Adour-Garonne Water Agency magazine introduced the WTP of Nègrepelisse, highlighting the innovative character of its design and the integration of the existing ponds into the treatment process.
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Pictogramme EINEaux Industries Nuisances-EIN 04.2009 : Filtres et lagunes, mariage à la carte.
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Logo Revue L'élu localL’élu local 05.2009 : Epuration, la filière roseaux.
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Logo Techniques, Sciences et méthodes - TSMTechniques, Sciences Municipales-TSM 11.2009 : Association filtres-lagunes, premiers retours d’expérience
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roseaux intégrés dans le paysage

The Communauté de Communes des Terrasses et Vallée de l’Aveyron constructed and runs the plant.


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The latrines

This page presents the septage sludge problems in poor countries.


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