Innovative and scalable


Station d'épuration de matière de vidange - Esparron sur VerdonSeptage treatment in an extensive on-site system is rarely practiced, with only two small-scale capacity applications in France and less than ten known uses abroad. However, returns from the French plant of Beaumont-la-Ronce in Indre-et-Loire and from pilot plant tests in Andancette in Drôme are encouraging.

Pioneer work of the MV82 project is complemented by structural innovations of the treatment process.

Decanting: adapting of existing equipment and practices to the particular context of Nègrepelisse (high number of watertight pits, seasonal character of septage collection etc.)

Pretreatment: adapting of existing systems to a new treatment process.

Constructed wetland: no septage treatment application at this scale, neither in France nor abroad

Treatment in existing ponds: no septage treatment application known at this scale
Spreading on a tree plantation: no application at this scale and no septage treatment worldwide.


The plant is designed to treat 11 000 m ³/year. This capacity can be increased if necessary by construction of additional reed beds to the north of the initial plant. Stand-by sewers are foreseen to allow additional beds to be connected.

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of the septage treatment plant.


Filtres plantés de roseaux de la step Esparron-de-VersonThis extension will not be implemented for several years as the structures build in 2011 are sized with several security margins. For example:

  • the total volume of the decanting pit is larger than the common truck volume (20 m ³>10 m ³)
  • the storage tank is sized for a storage time of six days, larger than the minimum recommendation of 1 or 2 days
  • the filters are sized for a rather low loading rate of 50 kgTS/m². year.
peupliers tronçonnés
Spreading on plantation

The plantation is an innovation of the septage serie.


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